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TFS Rippler from RippleRock

TFS Rippler provides some key benefits that you don’t get out of the box with TFS. For example automatically synchronising parent and child backlog items, better reporting and helping Product Owners to more effectively prioritise the work. If you’re using Kanban, Rippler helps you get much better metrics, like a CFD (Cumulative Flow Diagram) based on the ‘virtual states’ from the Kanban Board views in TFS 2013.

Rippler automatically and efficiently updates workitems based on a set of customisable rules. These rules can be configured to work with any process template and can be filtered to only act on specific Team Project Collections and Projects.

To find out more visit the following link What can TFS Rippler Do?

Colin Bird has also created a great set of articles on getting more out of Rippler

For support, please use the contact us link at the bottom of the page.

Background on Rippler

TFS Rippler is a totally reworked version of the Aggregation and Transition engine by that was developed for Scrum for Team System, the Scrum template for TFS versions up to TFS 2010. If you have recently upgraded from TFS 2010 with Scrum for Team System and wish to bring across the same aggregation and transition functionality, you can do this with TFS Rippler. Rippler uses an extended ruleset based on the original engine so many of the original rules will work un-changed in Rippler.

Rippler has been upgraded and improved for TFS 2013 and we have now released it freely to the community for you to use in your own environment.

Free Download

TFS 2013

Rippler has been upgraded for TFS 2013 and is now freely available you to use in your own environment. Installation instructions can be found here Installing TFS Rippler

TFS Rippler Downloads

TFS 2015

We have an early version of Rippler for TFS 2015 which is available for download below


Getting Started

Contact us and Support

Please contact us for more specific support installing it in your organisation or if you require a support contract.